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    Quienes Somos / Lo Que Hacemos

    Castellano es una empresa de moda artesanal que produce Joyería y accesorios tejidos a mano que apoyan y preservan la artesanía indígena.

    Nuestros piezas son elaboradas con técnicas ancestrales de tejeduría, puesto que trabajamos con los artesanos Wayuu del norte de la Guajira en Colombia.

    Cada producto de CASTELLANO lleva la esencia de una comunidad de artesanos que no debe ser olvidada. Nuestra misión es mantener viva dichas técnicas ancestrales y generar un impacto social positivo, proporcionando puestos de trabajo que empoderan a los artesanos y sus comunidades locales.


    “CASTELLANO was born from a desire to use fashion to reconnect women around the world with the elemental factors of nature and spirituality, to inspire and empower them through unique weaves and patterns made entirely by hand.”

    Daniela Castellanos was born in Colombia in the spring of 1989. Life as an entrepreneur began in her early teens, when she started her first tailoring classes at the age of 14. Daniela’s love of true craftsmanship grew from her passion for travel. Upon completing her degree in Journalism and Communication in December 2013, Daniela embarked on a spiritual journey throughout her native Colombia, which led her to some of the most remote areas in the desert and north coast of her country. An adventurer by nature with a true passion for individualistic nomads, Daniela sought out to find some of the most secluded and skilful indigenous communities, whose way of life and unique weaving had always fascinated her. She met many hardworking, wise artisans who inspired her greatly.

    The Wayuu people live in the desert state of La Guajira and the Arhuaca People live in the mountainous areas in northern Colombia, and have been sewing and weaving for centuries. Each woven design carries a meaning that extends far beyond its aesthetic appeal. After spending weeks learning from and sharing with these atypical communities, Daniela’s passion for the tribes’ craftsmanship and the spirituality it holds made her want to share her findings with the world. Daniela began her entrepreneurial journey believing in an ethical and sustainable fashion label that can in turn improve the livelihood of rural artisans in Colombia. 

    Each Castellano’s collection celebrates individuality and creativity. Daniela creates bespoke pieces for the woman with a chic, yet playful sense of style. Embellished with Swarovski Crystals each piece embraces the human story of the weaver and takes part of the Castellano Foundation that aims to develop social programs to help education and reduce poverty in margin areas where the lack of electricity, water and internet affect enormously the growth of a better and equal society.